Monday, September 07, 2009

Getting comfortable with retired life

At home, I'm usually found in my 125 sq. ft 'cabin' (den)

More than 3 years have passed since my early retirement in 2006. If you have read previous posts on this blog, you'd have observed that coming to terms with early retirement hasn't been all that easy for me and there have been periods where I felt quite downbeat. For the record, I must add that the 'downbeat' periods have been cumulatively much less than 'upbeat' periods.

It seems to me that after three long years I am finally getting fully comfortable with my retired life. At home in Jamshedpur, some semblance of a 'daily routine' has evolved which mainly comprises household chores, socialising, reading, watching TV, listening to music, exercising, taking care of my investments and last, but not the least, planning the next holiday / outing. The frequency of going out of station for long drives, treks, etc., has increased lately. On an average day, I feel I have enough 'work' to keep me occupied and the feelings of emptiness or vacuum I often felt earlier in my retirement have now become rare.

Sometime back I spent a month in Bombay doing some short courses in the Naval Maritime Academy at Navynagar. After passing these courses, I applied for a licence from the Dir. Gen. of Shipping which will enable me to work in the merchant navy. If and when I get the mandatory licence, I shall like to do some stints on ships.

So does that mean that I am trying to get out of retirement? I don't think so. I have always loved ships and I'm looking forward to going back to ships more as a 'fun thing' than a profession. Of course, if my actual experience falls short of my expectations of 'fun', I'll quickly say goodbye to the merchant navy.

Anyway, I haven't yet got the necessary licence and it is a bit premature to speculate what turn my life would take if I go back to the sea at this age and like the experience. Even if I like it, I am not likely to work at sea more than a few months every year, having discovered the joys of retired life. Meanwhile, let me continue enjoying fully retired life!

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